Pineapple Moisturiser

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About me-

I am THE Pineapple Moisturiser, I am kind of famous. I’m a member of the Pineapple Enzyme Family… you may have heard of us. I am Step 4, use me after my Cleanser, Toner & Spot Treatment Gel for the very best results. 

If I told you everything I do, we would be here all day. My list of ingredients is like a guest list at a VIP party. I am packed full of blemish tackling ingredients like Pineapple Enzymes, Citric and Lactic acids, which gently help brighten, exfoliate and clear. Whilst my shea butter, olive, apricot and coconut oils nourish your skin like a big hug. And my Vitamin E, Oat and Mango enzymes soothe, moisturise and make you GLOW. Honestly the list goes on. My lightweight texture leaves you super soft, but doesn’t block your pores. I also help prevent future breakouts aaaand I am the perfect makeup base. I really am the best thing since sliced bread.

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