Pineapple Cleanser

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About me-

I am THE pineapple Gel Cleanser, I am kind of famous. I’m a member of the Pineapple Enzyme family… you may have heard of us. For the best results follow with my Toner, Spot Treatment Gel & Moisturiser. 

I am packed full of blemish tackling ingredients like Pineapple Enzymes, Citric & Lactic acids which help brighten, exfoliate and clear. Just like my famous mask, I am packed full of antioxidants so I am basically like a vitamin shop for your face. Let me work my magic on dirt, pollution and excess oil to leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and glowing. And don’t worry babe, I’m free of that nasty SLS. 

I know, I know, I am amazing right?! Bet you are just dying to try me. 

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