Do you even go here?

Hi, I am Laura Mallows, the founder of Mallows Beauty. I wanted to create a skincare brand that was (just like me) brutally honest with no filter, all about body positivity, and female empowerment.  I want to make people feel good and do something good too.

I love pink, obsessed with my puppy and overuse the word like - sorry in advance for this girls. I have suffered with anxiety for most of my life and had no idea why I felt the way I felt or what it even was. Soon after I moved to London to work in buying, I had a breakdown. It was my amazing friends and boyfriend who helped me get through each day, adopting habits into my life that allowed me to control my thoughts; exercise (I don’t think I had ever before), puppy cuddles (I am obsessed with my dog) and lots and lots of face masks. I realised how important self care is for mental wellbeing and just stopping to breathe. I also developed severe acne with my anxiety (encouraged by pollution) and so I became obsessed with researching skincare and spending all my dosh on testing new products. I went from buying accessories to skincare and then started to develop my own products, and so here we are. My aim is to pass on every trick I have learnt and deliver products that will help not hinder, and never lie to you about the outcome. Bottom line, if you have acne go to your GP, end of. 

Originally we were called “I am” however my friends were quite frustrated that I was letting imposter syndrome get the better of me, and not taking my own advice that “I am worthy”.  Bizarrely the consumer research agreed and Mallows Beauty was born. 

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