A bit about us...

Laura Mallows @ 2020-04-12 16:00:35 +0100

Our mission is to create skincare that will make you glow girl, inside and out. A bright, outspoken brand that celebrates imperfection and educates the consumer about skin, rather than selling false dreams of ‘perfection’ and ‘quick fixes’. We embrace reality (spots, scars, pores and all) and empower girls, women (and everyone actually) to appreciate themselves rather than criticise. Instead of highlighting insecurities and promising the unachievable, our skincare aims to treat the skin and mind by encouraging positivity: repeat after me “I am enough” “I am beautiful” “I am confident.”

We are building a girl power community that gives back to their customers as 5% of profits will be donated to mental health charities. We promise to deliver good quality vegetarian and vegan skincare, dermatologically tested, that is made in the UK.