Mallows Beauty Pink Land Rover Defender: The Ultimate Glam-Mobile Tour Across the UK

Zoe Turner @ 2023-10-04 14:34:56 +0100

This most be the MOST iconic thing we have ever done… say hello to our brand new bright pink Mallows Beauty Land Rover Defender… basically our very own Barbie Dream Car! The Summer of 2023 here at Mallows Beauty was absolutely insane! We introduced the Mallows Mobile to the world, driving all over the UK and it was super exciting; we went on an exciting journey, embracing the spirit of adventure in true Mallows style.

With the most perfect timing of the Barbie movie releasing in the UK… we took the Mallows Beauty Defender on tour, starting in London and making stops in Manchester and Liverpool too! We were so lucky to meet some of our fabulous babe-gang on tour and handed out loads of our TikTok Viral skincare and body care products… along with our Barbie inspired “I’m a Mallows Girl” collection launch!

Let’s be honest, we agree with Barbie, "It is literally impossible to be a woman.” Our CEO Laura Mallows literally founded Mallows Beauty because she was sick of beauty brands marketing perfect, edited and airbrushed skin for products that tackle acne! Everybody gets blemishes and ’imperfections’ they are normal, so let’s embrace them together. That’s why we went on tour in our Pink Defender… to meet you all and encourage you to love yourself with the skin you’re in!

We kicked off our tour in the fabulous capital city of London, our pink Defender made its debut appearance in the heart of the city, we went everywhere! It was hilarious seeing everyone’s reactions to the car… people’s jaw dropped, one guy even nearly fell off his bike in awe! We drove past all the iconic London landmarks, Oxford Circus, Pall Mall and Trafalgar Square, we shared the Mallows Beauty’s magic to empower you to appreciate yourself rather than criticise yourself as we so often do. 

Laura Mallows & The Mallows Beauty Pink Land Rover Defender
Having conquered the South, we headed North to Manchester and Liverpool continuing our Mallows mission to meet more of our beautiful customers and share the message of Self-Love and appreciation. The perfectly pink Land Rover Defender parked around the city, our beacon of style and beauty, inviting everyone to discover the magic of Mallows Beauty - repeat after me “I am enough” “I am beautiful” “I am confident.”