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    Our mission is to create skincare that will make you glow girl, inside and out. A bright, outspoken brand that celebrates imperfection and educates the consumer about skin, rather than selling false dreams of ‘perfection’ and ‘quick fixes’. We embrace reality (spots, scars, pores and all) and... View Post
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    So what do you think girls? Be honest I won't be offended... View Post
  • And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell! #xoxo #gossipgirl

    I am a down to earth, positive skincare brand. Say bye-bye to brands that make you feel bad by promoting a ‘perfect’ (photoshopped) girl and promise you the world but never deliver. And say hello to me, Mallows Beauty! I want to empower you to appreciate yourself rather than criticise - you woul... View Post