And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell! #xoxo #gossipgirl

Laura Mallows @ 2020-04-12 15:56:35 +0100

I am a down to earth, positive skincare brand. Say bye-bye to brands that make you feel bad by promoting a ‘perfect’ (photoshopped) girl and promise you the world but never deliver. And say hello to me, Mallows Beauty! I want to empower you to appreciate yourself rather than criticise - you wouldn't be mean to your bestie so why bully yourself?!


After all blemishes and ’imperfections’ are normal, so let’s embrace them together. We all get them so why are we made to feel bad about them? Flawless skin and a consistently content mind is hard work, but that’s why I am here. I want to encourage you to step out of stress, and have some ‘you’ time - you deserve it girl. I am going to treat your skin and your mind… now repeat after me "I am enough”. We all put so much effort into our clothes choices, makeup even deciding what we are going to eat, but what about your mind. Time to give your mind some self-love and TLC, which in turn will make you tackle difficult situations and life better in general – your welcome.


On every mask I will be sharing some relaxation tips, letting you know what’s in my skincare and what it’s actually doing. Oh and we donate 5% of all profits to mental health charities.


It’s ok to not be ok, join our girl gang @mallowsbeauty for the good or not ok days, we’ve got you girl.


And your at the right place for the full inside knowledge on mental wellbeing, skincare and skin issues, so carry on having a nose around… you can thank me later.